Operations Specialist #17-025

Operations Specialist

Arlington, VA



Job Description

The COGAR Group, LTD located in Fairfax, Virginia is currently looking for an Operations Specialist to fill a position at the National Guard Bureau Headquarters in Arlington, VA.

Responsibilities: The main functional service requirements of the position are as follows.

    • Customer Satisfaction Services: The individual will utilize the ICE web-based application to draft ICE surveys in order to gather customer feedback for: (1) BTO training events, (2) award ceremonies, and the (3) annual Down Select Board. All draft ICE surveys shall be provided to the COR for approval with 7 days of a given event. The individual shall provide COR approved ICE Surveys to all ARNG customers that attended a given event. The individual shall provide a system-generated ICE Survey Results Report that summarizes the survey results for events with 25 or more respondents in the MSR. The individual shall conduct BTO ICE training for ARNG customers.
    • Travel Coordination Services: The individual shall operate the Army Defense Travel System (DTS) as the Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) for the BTO in accordance with the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR). The individual shall input and process BTO travel requests in DTS. The individual shall review all travel vouchers/transactions for accuracy and completeness.  The individual shall notify the traveler of errors or incomplete information by email and cc: the COR.
    • Daily Workflow Management Services: The individual shall identify any new taskers assigned to the BTO queue in Joint Application Staff Management System (JASMS) or equivalent. The individual may be required to use another tasking system during the course of this contract.  The individual shall email personnel that have been assigned taskers within BTO.  The individual shall upload/download documents within JASMS required to support taskers The individual shall keep a record of all assigned taskers via an Excel Spreadsheet and provide to the COR via the ARNG BTO Shared drive.       
    • Tracking Training Services: The individual shall create and maintain the ACOE Participants List on the BTO Shared Drive. The List shall be updated annually in the month of April using the letters of intent, which will be provided by the COR/ACOR. The individual shall create and maintain on the shared drive ACOE Examiners Roster. The individual shall provide quality control on the ACOE Examiners Roster using Army Training Requirements and Resource System (ATRRS) reports and student attendance for training events as follows: (1) ARNG Strategic Planning & Management; (2) ARNG Organizational Self-Assessment; and (3) ARNG Organizational Performance Examiner. Track enrollment and provide quality control in BTO training courses using the ACOE Examiners Roster.  Track student throughput for the Professional Education Center and Mobile Training Team (MTT) locations throughout each calendar year in the ACOE Examiners Roster. The individual shall create and email the Daily Personnel Roster to the G5 Executive Officer and “cc” the COR/ACOR.
    • Award Event Planning Services: The position serve as liaison between Staff Offices and ARNG in the execution of the quarterly Resourceful, Energetic, Dedicated, and Innovative (REDI) Employee Program, which recognizes and rewards employees on a quarterly basis for exceptional service, achievement or performance. The individual shall, in accordance with the REDI Program Memorandum of Instruction, coordinate quarterly nominations, send announcements to AHS, and reserve a room for the selection meeting, reserve space for the award ceremony and reception. The individual shall draft a REDI Information Paper for a Senior Leadership audience, to include: executive summary, quad chart, BIO of the winners. The draft shall be provided to the COR for approval within 7 days before the REDI ceremony and included in the MSR. The individual shall perform operational functions to include at a minimum: (1) coordinating hotel accommodations, (2) arranging transportation, (3) operating computer equipment, (3) monitoring computerized registration procedures, and (4) determining audio-visual requirements for BTO Training Meetings.
    • Supply Services: Maintain a BTO Supply Inventory Log for all BTO supplies. The Log shall be provided to the COR as an attachment to the MSR. Ensure the BTO supplies are ordered and stocked.  Prepare Form DD-2406 and provide to the COR/ACOR for approval each time supplies are ordered.  Some BTO supplies are locked in a cabinet, therefore the individual will be responsible for any keys provided by the COR. 


Basic Qualifications

To be considered for this position, you must minimally meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below:

  • Must be have active Secret security clearance
  • Must be a U. S. Citizen
  • Must have a minimum of two (2) years’ experience in the field of Operational Workflow Management (OWM).
  • Must have previous experience working in a military environment.
  • Must have excellent organizational skills.
  • Must have a good working knowledge of MS Office programs.
  • Must have a good understanding and knowledge of military terminology.
  • Must know or be able to lean and understand the various military regulations, policies and procedures.

Preferred Qualifications

  • College Degree