Watch Stander

Emergency Operations Center Watch Stander

Washington, DC

Full-Time and Part Time


Job Description

The primary purpose for this position is to serve as a Watch Stander in the Department’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located in the Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB). The watch stander provides international, national and regional situational awareness to the SEMD leadership, emergency policy team, the Secretary and across the Department on all continuity and emergency events and incidents affecting the Department of Commerce (DOC). In addition, the Watch Stander will initiate HCHB emergency notification procedures in accordance with the EOC standard operation procedures (SOP) and the HCHB Occupant Emergency Plan as well as develop and maintain information data systems and support the Department in providing strategic direction during national security and emergency situations.



Associates degree or higher or at least 2 years of experience in Emergency Management, Continuity of Operations and Incident Command. Must possess and maintain a Secret Security Clearance.


  • IS-100B Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS)
  • IS-200B ICS for Single Resources & Initial Action Incidents
  • IS-230d Fundamentals of Emergency Management
  • IS-235c Emergency Planning
  • IS-547A Introduction to Continuity of Operations
  • IS-775 EOC Management and Operations
  • IF011.16 Introduction to Information Security
  • IF105.16 Marking Classified Information 

Required Reading and Comprehension

  • Federal Continuity Directive 1
  • National Response Framework
  • National Incident Management System
  • U.S. Department of Commerce HCHB Occupant Emergency Plan
  • Department of Commerce EOC SOP
  • DOC Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
  • The Watch Stander shall be experienced, proactive, highly motivated and well-organized, as the Watch Stander will represent the DOC and stand watch in support of the Emergency Operations Center’s mission in monitoring the status of DOC infrastructure, reporting incidents, accidents or threats to DOC personnel, mission and infrastructure within or outside of the National Capital Region (NCR) to include Outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS)            

     Stands watch in support of the Emergency Operation Center’s mission to provide SEMD leadership and senior DOC staff with international, national and regional situational awareness.

    Tracks succession schedules in support of the DOC Continuity of Operations Program

     Communicate via classified systems such as STE/VIPR phones, Secure SATELITE Phones, Secure Faxes and Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet)

      Maintains EOC calendar

    • Receives, reviews and responds for further action emergency notifications and information about events impacting or affecting DOC operations and programs around the world in accordance with the EOC SOP, plans, policies and procedures.
    • Documents incoming and outgoing actions, messages, reports and other correspondence in the daily journal. Briefs incoming Watch Standers on current activities in person or through pass down or by memorandum.
    • Recommends actions and procedural changes and refinements in critical program areas.
    • Collects information from other government agency SITREPS and SPOTREPS daily and during emergency situations in order to prepare reports that keep SEMD leadership and the Secretary informed of threats or issues related to the Department’s mission.
    • Operates DOC Emergency Notification Systems, Emergency Broadcast Systems, radio communications, CCTV, Access Control and Intrusion Detection Systems.
    • Serves as back up to the dispatcher roll directing the movement of Security Officers and other first responders during emergency situations.
    • Participates in exercises, assists in the analysis of results, and provides input to After Action Reports.
    • Maintains current knowledge of HCHB emergency plans and procedures.
    • Utilize the FEMA WebEOC System to pull reports on interagency mission assignments during emergencies.