Arlington, VA



Job Description

The COGAR Group, LTD located in Fairfax, Virginia is currently looking for Analyst to fill a position at the National Guard Bureau Headquarters in Arlington, VA.

Responsibilities: The main functional service requirements of the position are as follows.

The main functional service requirements of the Analyst position are as follows:The Analyst shall:

·         Compile data analysis and complete IMO-B data entries within GFEBS such as; purchase requests, quality assurance issues, contract records, MIPRs, GPC purchases, or purchase request deliverables updates.

·         Track IMO-B GFEBS purchase request preparation statuses and data collection for GFEBS processing.

·         Retain IMO-B purchase card requests, made by respective government IT representatives, and prepare the purchase request for government approval.

·         Verify and update the statuses of IMO-B GFEBS GPC purchases and prepare a report of expenditures for accountability

·         Document and retain IMO-B GFEBS records within the Resource Management Application System (RMAS) for knowledge management, fund certification of MIPRs, and contract deliverables.

·         Review IMO-B purchase request submissions for errors or miscalculations, identify trends, recommend efficiencies based on annual trends, and propose financial business process changes to correct GFEBS limitations.

·         Identify GFEBS and SharePoint system limitations that contribute to erroneous data submissions and propose changes to standardize transactional inputs and business processes in order to circumvent the limitations.

·         Analyze GFEBS and SharePoint historical data submissions for the purposes of standardizing financial business processes and de-confliction of records and cost control efficiency.

·         Review and edit incoming and outgoing draft memos and correspondence, associated with the IMO-B Business Center for government review and approval.

·         Record and disseminate prepared correspondence to assigned and appropriate recipients.

·         Obtain obligation data (ie: MIPRS, GPC purchases, PR deliverables) from GFEBS to prepare weekly status reports for the IMO-B Chief.

·         Attend weekly workgroups, teleconferences, and IMO-B meetings to offer workplace projects or tasks information.


TECHNICAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE (What skills and experience must be demonstrated for this position?)
Must have a minimum of two (2) years’ experience with applicable data systems.Must have previous experience working in a military environment.

Must have excellent organizational skills.

Must have a good working knowledge of MS Office programs.

Must have a good understanding and knowledge of military terminology.

Must know or be able to lean and understand the various military regulations, policies and procedures.

EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONS (What education Requirements and/or special certifications are required for this position?)
Associates Degree (BA/S preferred)

Must have, and be able to maintain, a Secret clearance