25 Jan

Access Control Monitor #10085062


Tampa, FL



Job Description

Resumes of personnel must show a minimum of one year experience with the following equipment and software:  Personal computing equipment; Closed Circuit Television Monitors (CCTV); Security Management System (SMS)/American Magnetics (AMAG) System; Intrusion Detection System (IDS); Word processing software; Fire, smoke, heat and environmental alarm detection systems; Non-classified and classified computer systems; Radio and telephone communications equipment; Walk-thru and handheld detectors/scanners.  Resumes of personnel must show experience performing work that requires, on a regular and recurring basis, considerable and strenuous physical exertion such as frequent climbing of multiple flights of stairs, lifting heavy objects over 50 pounds, crouching or crawling in restrictive areas.  Resumes of personnel must demonstrate knowledge of regulations governing access to Federal buildings; rules covering restricted items (cameras, weapons, etc.) and conduct of visitors and employees; commonly used laws, rules, regulations, procedures, and operating methods to independently perform routine, recurring kinds of fixed post and patrol assignments.


Minimum of 1 year of relevant experience.