food_and_drugOn Thursday November 20, 2014, the FDA White Oak Campus, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, received an alarming call regarding an astray rifle and scope within a nearby vehicle. All security provisions were endured for the protection and safety of all individuals on and off the premises of the White Oak Campus. The console operators within the Command Center; Alfred Woodson (PSI Supervisor), Hai Pham (PSI Console Operator), Marcus Holland (COGAR Console Operator), and Kyle Ellis (COGAR Console Operator) assisted towards resolving the mission at hand and ensuring success and safety throughout the White Oak Campus. COGAR’s Director of Security Operations, Louis Fuertes, formally recognized all stated personnel on December 10, 2014, for their renowned and expert investigation abilities to solve the mission.

“We want to applaud and thank the entire COGAR Team for their unceasing hard work and dedication in carrying out our overall mission.” –Louis Fuertes

All COGAR security personnel undergo various trainings in order to provide excel security services that promote proactive approaches, especially during alarming situations. COGAR enforces a mentality in all security personnel through training, to expect the unexpected, especially when security threats today are constant and ever changing.