DSC00001- editedPictured:  Kristin Esslinger, Access Control Specialist (left), Louis Fuertes, Chief Operating Officer (right).

The COGAR Group, Ltd. (COGAR) is pleased to announce and recognize the 2015 COGAR Security Officer of the Year to Mrs. Kristin Esslinger, Access Control Specialist, INSCOM, Hunter Army Airfield, GA. On March 4, 2016, Kristin Esslinger was awarded and recognized as the 2015 Security Officer of the Year, presented by Louis Fuertes, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at COGAR’s annual award ceremony. Esslinger has been with COGAR for nearly 3 years and has demonstrated to be a true asset of the team. She provides superior Access Control support for the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) on COGAR’s U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) contract.

Due to her dedication and attention to detail as a Security Specialist, the INSCOM facility has seen a decrease in security infractions and an increase in presence and security knowledge on a daily basis, as part of our nations “First Line of Defense” against criminals and terrorists. Esslinger sets the standard for her team by providing the imperative controlled access of personnel and equipment to the SCIF in an accountable and professional way.

Esslinger joined the United States Army in 2008. Along with her military service, Esslinger has over 7 years of experience in the Intelligence field. During that time she served as a Human Intelligence Collector, which helped enhance her ability to work in support of Intelligence Operations. Esslinger deployed to Iraq in 2011, as a Human Intelligence Collector where she was able to identify hostile and undercover Iraqi personnel. After returning home from deployment she fulfilled her service obligation with the Army and decided to serve as a civilian by becoming a COGAR employee.

In Esslinger’s free time, she volunteers helping the families of her husband’s unit by taking the role of Battalion FRG Treasurer. In this position, Esslinger coordinates meetings between the commander and the hundreds of family members of those assigned to the battalion, facilitates communication between the families, logs volunteer hours of other family members, and coordinates activities like social gatherings, food for single soldiers, and fundraising events.

“Esslinger is a true representation of a leader on the job and within her community, we couldn’t be more proud to have individuals like Kristin Esslinger represent COGAR on a continuous basis.” – Mr. Louis Fuertes, COO.

Congratulations to COGAR’s 2015 Security Officer of the Year and to the additional nominees!