Pictured from left to right:  Captain Ray Wallace, DPM Joshua Finnegan, and PM Chuck Mayfield.

On Monday, March 6, 2017, COGAR’s Security Management Team on the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) Professional Security Services contract for Special Police Officer and Dispatcher Services within DOC Headquarters –  were all recognized by the DOC Office of Security, Security and Emergency Management Division for their efforts during the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.  COGAR personnel were recognized for their “Job Well Done” for ensuring DOC’s role in the Inauguration was a success. Key components included ramping up and the planning stages prior to the inauguration, as well as services performed and executed during and concluding the Presidential Inauguration.

Key Personnel, Wallace, Finnegan, and Mayfield were all instrumental in carrying out the success for this mission, as well as carrying this same attitude towards their work on a daily basis. They were selected recipients of the U.S. DOC Secretary of Commerce Coin Award and received Commendation Letters. COGAR personnel were “coined” with great honor for going above and beyond the normal line of duty to ensure DOC HQ is protected and operating at the highest regard to security.

I wanted to thank you, the Assistant Director of Security and the Contracting Officer’s Representative again for recognizing the management and supervisory team we have on the contract. It’s the top tier that set the example for the rest to follow, and I believe that the three individuals filling those roles are managing this contract to the best of their ability. -Frank J. Polievka Jr., Vice President of Operations

COGAR is privileged to employ individuals of high regards to professionalism and effective management principals, who respect and value their mission at hand. We challenge our management team and COGAR’s remaining valued workforce supporting the DOC HQ contract, to keep up the good work!